blu died last night

blu died last night…

i could see men talking to me..

faces i have never seen in the past…

and i mumbled: is it me or them..dead?

as episodes of my life were slowly unfolding before my very eyes,

i could feel a tinge of sadness in my heart..

i could not really believed…and I said: ..i am dead…

i have to convinced myself..

it seems yesterday as i started my blog life…

now i have to retreat from this battlefield called life!

this hurried life of mine…



between consciousness and sleep..

i kept on asking: Am i really dead?

then i was happy…..

because i am and was truly breathless.

dead for that moment in time

then a sense of bliss flowed from the

very core of my being..

i was at peace…reconciled with my fate.


then suddenly i was awake…

not really sure if i was…

or it was the unconscious….


…then i realized i was alive…

…was i dead..

or it was just a dream…

nurtured in innermost sanctuary of my heart.


i knew too well…

i was dead…

then…i was arisen from a deep slumber!


i could still smell the viper of death…

the blissful passing from reality

to surreality…



i am alive…

and this is what matters..

for now!

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31 Responses to blu died last night

  1. bayne ay nagsasabing:

    manong blu.. subo man na man? pero… tandaan lang permi basta gakabuhi ka.. dpat useful ka indi mo pagsayangon ang adlaw adlaw nga ginahatag sa imo…

    enjoy life while it last…

  2. redfieryheart ay nagsasabing:

    Hummm lucky for Kuya Blu who experienced peaceful death, at least patikim man yan pero parang ang sarap i look forward na ganun pala ang pakiramdam. Welcome back Blu

  3. bipolarsisa ay nagsasabing:

    waaaaaaah. Kuya, namiss ko ‘to.

    hindi ko alam ang sasabihin ko.

  4. hoshi ay nagsasabing:

    oo iyon ba yun. hehehe

    welcome back pala.

    btw, can you add my hoshilandia jr sa iyong blogroll?
    thanks kuya!

  5. Mr. Nonsense ay nagsasabing:

    uy! saan ang sugalan?

  6. pruelpo ay nagsasabing:

    kinabahan ako nang mabasa ko na “blu died last night” akala …hehehe. Magandang araw kuya blu.

  7. gudang ay nagsasabing:

    I was wondering why “blu died last night”, and what has come to your head and you wrote something like that, Kuya Blu. But anyways, yeah. Just LIVE for NOW 😀

  8. Joyo ay nagsasabing:

    Just live ur life NOW Mr. Blu!

  9. fampings ay nagsasabing:

    ang kasalukuyan talaga ang pinakaimportante…so lets live life to the fullest…napadaan lang po

  10. Monz Avenue ay nagsasabing:

    Good evening Kuya Blu!

    Ako din nabuhay, dito sa blog mo. hehehe
    sorry sa mga absences ko dito. heeh

  11. blurosebluguy ay nagsasabing:

    wow salamat po..first base ka na naman… natutulog ka pa ba? joke hehehe

  12. kikit ay nagsasabing:

    death isn’t that bad after all 🙂

  13. hitokirihoshi ay nagsasabing:

    hmmm interesting story.

    i like this line – i could still smell the viper of death…

    the blissful passing from reality

    to surreality…

    well a new day has come kuya blue and new life too

    that’s why i’ll say -Mabuhay! hehehe

  14. kayedee ay nagsasabing:

    i am alive…
    and this is what matters..
    for now! korek!! 🙂

  15. Nortehanon ay nagsasabing:

    the “now” always matters 😉

    gandang araw, kapatid, at maligayang pagbabalik!

  16. sandi ay nagsasabing:

    welcome back kuya blu! na mis kita..hehehe
    kwento mo sa amin kung saan ka nagbakasyon ha? 😉

    hindi pa rin ako nakakapag update sa king blog…coming soon!

  17. my brother who is dead is now alive…

    good morning kuya blu…

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