semana santa – huling hapunan

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8 Responses to semana santa – huling hapunan

  1. Annalisa says:

    official jingle ng? GMA Pinoy Tv. in short, original song made for Pinoy Tv.. . maganda rin yung Kapuso jingle hehe….. visit to watch pinoy tv shows

  2. kengkay says:

    masyadong emosyonal ang tama ng video na ito, hindi ko kayang panoorin ng buo.. ulit! musta na?

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  4. Local Search says:

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  6. parang ayoko na panoorin ito… kasi parang nakita ko na ang pic na ito dati pa.

    nawa’y malabanan na ang taggutom, tama na lang tag-ulan, tag-araw, tag-snow, at tag-sibol.

    mabuhay ka Kuya Blu saan man ka sa Mundo! hehehhe

  7. CMT says:

    I can’t watch this Kuya Blu…

  8. Happy Easter Monday po!

    The image, a Pulitzer prize winner taken by Kevin Carter in Sudan in 1993 is striking… The toddler may be heading to her last supper, while the vulture waits on her to expire to become its supper…

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